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" we cover 101 to tournament runs and everything in between "


Who Are We?

  • Miami Wake Academy was born from a love of watersports and Miami’s lack of quality watersports coaching.


  • Our goal is to progress Miami to one of the top watersport destinations by coaching one on one to anyone that ever had an interest in getting involved watersports.


  • We have experience teaching five-year-olds to 65-year-olds and everyone in between.


  • Our love of these sports is why coaching you is a lifestyle and not a job.


  • Our small owner operated company brings you the personal touch that makes a huge difference compared to waterpark style companies that treat their riders impersonally due to the corporations disconnect from riders.

Our Services:


Ever imagine surfing an endless wave that is shaped just for you?


With our Surf-boat, we can provide you just that! The technology of our boat has helped push wake surfing into the mainstream of the watersports industry.


Our coaches can set up the wave for the youngest and newest members in the sport to the most highly skilled pros.


South Florida beaches are beautiful but aren’t a surfer’s destination. With our boat, no surfer will go without when the swells at the beach are flat. We create the best wave right here in Biscayne Bay.


Parents called it skurfing and their kids call it boarding, whatever you call it, with the proper coaching everyone will call it a ton of fun.


Wakeboarding came out long after waterskiing but has really taken the watersports industry by storm.


Where skiers needed ramps in the water to catch some air wakeboarders utilize the wake created from a boat to pop them up into the air.

From just carving behind the boat to spins and flips wakeboarding will be fun for the whole family.

Wake Foil

The watersport industry has been taken by the Foil, it's everywhere: Windsurf, SUP, Kite and Surf.


This new activity provides an amazing 'flying' sensation.


We're excited to offer Wakesurf-foil classes and we can't wait to share with you this amazing experience.​

Junior Team

Passing the handle to the next generation of riders is a sure way to keep the water sports industry thriving.


Miami Wake Academy is a family oriented company that wants the next generation of rider to enjoy the water and progress in their chosen sport.


Our goal with the Junior Team is to provide local children an alternative option to tradition turf sports, while providing the same team aspect of these traditional sports.


We want to make children more comfortable in the water so they can enjoy the year round summer we have in sunny Miami.


The sessions will be 2 hours every Thursday at 4 pm. 


Book Online Now

We charge by time, not by person, come and share your lesson with friends or family. (up to 6 people)

What People Say

Jesse M.

Miami wake academy is amazing they are great people and offer a great service! My experience was awesome. I will definitely come back

Joch I.


One of the most fun things I've done in the water. Great coaching! Spectacular Experience! Must do if you like watersports

Daniel R.

This was an amazing experience!  It was my first time and even though I took many spills in the water, I was really able to enjoy myself and overall  had an amazing time! I  Great location, great equipment, very professional... I recommend it to any one whether beginner or expert. I Loved it!!!

Your feedback is important to us, don't hesitate to leave a review.

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April 15, 2019

WE ARE BACK !!! 🙏🏼 After 3 (long) months our beloved Marine Stadium Marina has finally re-opened...

January 31, 2019

Due to the Miami Boat Show AND Ultra Music Festival taking over our marina in the upcoming weeks....

September 27, 2018

We are very excited to announce that our Junior Team session will be starting !!!  

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Miami Wake Academy

Number one location to practice Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing in Miami

Temporary Meeting Location

Sea Ilse marina,
1635 N. Bayshore Dr., Miami, FL 33132,
meeting at the fuel dock.


Tel: + 1 (305) 776-4969



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